Summer heat has come to Thailand. This April it is expected to reach 40 degrees, but summer is not just about heat. Many of you are surely planning a summer vacation. In fact, summer is one of the busiest seasons in Thailand with Songkran just around the corner.


Songkran is something everyone looks forward to. And apart from the famous Khaosan Road, Phuket city is another spot you can enjoy the water battle. Easily accessible by plane and bus, yet the most convenient way to roam around is renting a car. Now let’s go!

This year’s theme is Songkran on the beach. A grand venue has been arranged for water splashing to ensure all visitors will have a fantastic time. In addition, big bike lovers will be thrilled with the upcoming Phuket Bike Week Festival 2017 at Patong beach with water guns, foam party, lights & sounds provided.


The great things about Songkran in Patong are that people are more polite and respectful due to so many foreigners, and the refreshing seaside atmosphere which cools down the heat. Numerous hotels are situated around the neighborhood in case you feel like taking a rest. And apart from the playful water battle, there are also places where you can see the authentic traditional water festival with religious ceremony, merit making, people dressed in traditional costume and Phuket’s unique ‘pan ya’ outfit. Phuket is definitely not to be missed this summer.

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