A visit to Phuket will not be perfect without admiring its street art. One of the most recognizable characters is “Mardi” the three-eyed baby who can be seen around hidden alleys in the old town. Thanks to fantastic artists who did the wonder. Apart from Baby Mardi, there are a lot more graffitis waiting to be explored around Phuket with your lover rental car. Here we’ve listed some of the most iconic pieces not to be missed.

  1. Downtown market

Our first stop features Baby Mardi in traditional outfit. Mardi wears a floral-printed sarong and pushes a cart full of money towards the market. This is considered one of the best photo spots.


  1. Rommanee Alley

Here stands Alex Face’s Baby Mardi in red turtle costume, which is the symbol of Por Tor, or Hungry Ghost festival, a Chinese festival celebrated exclusively in Phuket. Local belief says that offering red turtle sweet to the spirits will bring good luck.

Besides Baby Mardi is a colorful giant bird created by artist Rukkit Kuanhawate.


  1. Khun Jeed Restaurant, Pang Nga Street

Khun Jeed Restaurant’s building sports a unique wall featuring a graffiti by Thai artist Muebon. A surfing bird with a turtle in one hand and a spray paint in another truly makes a spectacular spot due to the graffiti’s huge size and eye-catching colors.


  1. Sin Seng Long shop on Pang Nga street

This is a heart-warming mural of a life-sized elderly couple. The grandma sits at a table with a flower basket and a food carrier, ready to go out to the temple. The grandpa is selling “ow taw”, traditional fried oysters, with his cart full of ingredients.

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