Driving to an unfamiliar place could potentially lead to accidents or unexpected events. These 7 items will come in handy when you travel in your car rent.

1. Car insurance and registration
Every time you renew your car insurance or yearly registration, make sure to keep them in your car. These will help when you need your insurance or deal with the police.Emergency triangle on the road. Stopped car and man calling by p

2. Car manual
You may be a great driver, but you should still rely on the manual because cars always come with new functions. In case something strange happens, or you need to bring your car to a garage where they are not familiar with the model, the manual will serve as a reference.

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3. First aid kit
European cars typically have first aid kits installed containing scissors, bandages, plasters, and basic medicine while Japanese cars don’t. So if you own a Japanese car, you might want to consider getting one.

4. Mobile phone charger
Mobile phones have become essential these days. Many cars have USB charging ports but it could be considerably slower. An alternative is using a 12-volt charging adapter which will reduce the charging time.


5. Candies and drinking water
If you drive long-distance a lot, it is advisable to have some candies and drinking water in your car. They could prevent you from fatigue. Moreover, you can use water bottles to reflect light so people who drive behind you notice. It is also a good idea to wear a fluorescent vest while driving.

6. Battery cable
Car battery usually lasts 1-2 years. Sometimes you might not notice that your battery is too weak to start the engine. Therefore it is good to always carry a battery cable with you. Even if you might not need it yourself, you can use it to help other people too.


7. Wet tissues
Wet tissues are useful when you need to eat in your car. You can use them to clean up and keep your car clean all the time.

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